Uni life

Attending University of Ghana is my number one priority here, as would be expected, right? Two weeks into the second semester and I can honestly say university here is different from what I’m used to in Norway/Estonia. I’ll give an overview of the courses I’m taking here, how my first lectures have been, and the ‘weird’ language my professors/lecturers use; and, if I have time, the struggles of living on a huge campus as University of Ghana campus in Legon is. The courses offered here in the English and Linguistics departments are amazing. It was honestly difficult to choose, because … Continue reading Uni life

Wait, I’m going to Ghana?*

*joke’s on me and you both, because I’m in Ghana already I’m guessing everyone has heard already, but yes, I decided to do something crazy fun and go on exchange – to Ghana. I’ll be talking about why Ghana (and how did I eventually end up with this decision), the nerve-wrecking waiting time to get an answer to my application, and then how in two weeks I got all of my paperwork in order and how I am now on my way to Ghana. Tho when this goes live then I’ll already be in Accra, and it’s just a little … Continue reading Wait, I’m going to Ghana?*