How I ended up at the UG clinic

I wish there was a cooler story behind it tbh, like ‘how I got malaria’ or ‘how I got bitten by a snake’, but in reality it wasn’t that exciting.

So yesterday after my first class I felt a bit uneasy – I got slight stomach aches and felt like I was going to vomit. But I still had one more class to go, and it was the first lecture in Discourse Analysis this semester, so I decided to power through and hope for the best. Sitting under a ceiling fan was a good idea, as I could feel cool air on my face the whole 2h of the lecture.

As soon as I got home I had to vomit though. Nice, I know. Followed by pretty bad stomach cramps. So after drowning around 1L of water, and going to the toilet about 5 times I decided to take a nap in hopes that I’ll feel better afterwards. Ooooh how wrong I was. As after an hour long nap I woke up with slight fever and muscle pains all over my body. So I asked if anyone wants to come to the clinic with me.

As with everything, it got worse before it started getting better. We got to the clinic with Amy (thanks for coming with me!) and even though I almost passed out like 3 times, was paler than when I arrived to Ghana (remember, I have gotten a slight tan by now) and had the worst stomach cramps I’ve ever had in my life, I was finally admitted for a couple of hours until the lab ran some tests to figure out what’s wrong. I also felt COLD for the very first time ever in this country, something I thought impossible. But that’s how I ended up getting electrolytes and attached to the IV for the very first time in my life.

Though actually getting hooked up to the IV was a struggle, as apparently my veins were too short or fragile or weird, so they got it in on their 3rd try to my forearm, as opposed to the top of the hand where it’s usually attached to. And as someone who’s not a fan of needles or seeing my own blood, it was a struggle. Pair that with the insane stomach cramps I had, and I felt like I was dying. But then I was given some painkillers and I took a nice hour long nap at the clinic.

And then, I suddenly felt way better. Hungry and weak, but much better. The cramps had gotten milder, and after Amy fed me a couple of bananas we were on our way back home. I got prescribed some antibiotics after the final diagnosis of severe food poisoning and ‘pretty bad’ UTI. So nothing too bad, I’m feeling way better today.

One of the nurses asked me how long I’ve been in Ghana for, and after hearing that I’ve been here for just over two weeks she said ‘oh hahahaha, this is Ghana welcoming you!’ She was adorable.

I am now on a fruit diet for a couple of days, as I’m a littttle cautious about eating ‘proper’ food. Though this happened after the ONE day when I didn’t eat any rice, so maybe I should just only eat rice from now on….

I’ll be writing about the University of Ghana in my next post, to keep you guys updated.

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